Halloween in Disney 2019.

I know I am sooooo late with this post but if you follow my Instagram page, you'd know that I spent this Halloween in Disneyland Paris (I tried not to post about it too much). It really was the most magical trip ever but, it was that kind of trip where you need a break to get over the break!

It rained for the majority of the weekend so I had no other choice but to buy a poncho (that I'll never wear again) for €11, but ah well it's Disney, ay? I had that excuse the whole weekend but it was really hard to stop myself from bringing everything home! We went for a long weekend, so Thursday to Sunday but it still didn't feel long enough. I'm already looking at trips for next year but need to research the 'best time' to go. With it being Halloween and half term, it really felt like it was extra, extra busy. Busier than I expected it to be anyway!

I'm a little bit disappointed that I didn't take more pictures but it was absolutely freezing. I obviously took outfits that were not the most practical *note the self, skirt and tights are a big no no when walking around for 8 hours a day in the cold*.

Does anybody have any tips for future trips ie. the best time of the year to go, the best hotels to say in etc? I would really appreciate the help!

Now... is it too early to put my Christmas decorations up now Halloween is over?!

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