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Recently I did a poll on my Instagram to find out how my followers actually felt about cosmetic treatments etc and as I had a lot more questions about my lip augmentation than I thought I would. So, I am going to be answering some of the questions I got. Now, cosmetic treatments of any kind are very controversial, I am fully aware. People are entitled to their own opinion but I am just going to be sharing mine.

What actually is augmentation? Is it the same as 'fillers'?

Essentially augmentation of any kind is just enhancing the area or making it bigger. Lip augmentation is often referred to as lip fillers but you might have heard of breast augmentation too.

What are lip fillers made of?

Lip fillers are made of Hyaluronic Acid, something you have probably heard of, as it can be found in many beauty products. As it is a hydrophilic molecule, meaning that it attracts water, it can hold up to 1000 x its own weight in water making it an excellent hydrator. Some common brands of lip fillers are Restylane, Juvederm, Revolax, Beloterol and Teosayal.

What type of filler did you get?

I have had it done twice, once in February 2020 and a top up in August 2020. The first time I had them done I had Juvederm, which is more on the pricier side. The second time, I had Revolax. There is not a huge difference between the two, Juvederm tends to last longer whereas Revolax is more durable and slightly cheaper. There was no particular reason why I chose to have Revolax the second time around other than the fact I decided to go with a different nurse.

Are lip fillers safe?

As with any cosmetic treatment, there is always a chance that something could go wrong. However, if performed by experienced and qualified practitioners, it is a safe procedure. Both times I have been to registered and qualified nurses. Before having my treatment, I did research the risks of filler but prior to my appointment, I was informed of the risks again and had to sign a document to ensure I understood the risks. I would 110% recommend researching the practitioner and ask questions about their qualifications. You want to be able to trust the person that is doing it, not just anybody that can do an online training course.

Did the process hurt?

Not at all. The actual process doesn't hurt as your lip and mouth area is numbed, so the only thing you can feel is slight pressure of the needle actually going into the lip. It stings slightly going around the border of your lips but nothing unbearable. Depending on the amount of filler you get and the technique that it used, it usually lasts about 20+ minutes. Once the filler is all in, the practitioner will massage the lips to smooth out any lumps and bumps (which are normal).

Now I have found that the healing process is more painful than the actual procedure. Both times I have had the procedure done, I have bruised pretty much straight away. I remember the first time having them done, I couldn't eat or drink that same night AT ALL. I could just manage drinking through a straw. I had my top up on Saturday and it is now Thursday and I am still quite bruised. It doesn't hurt, but it is visible.

What made you get it done?

After my braces were taken off about 5 years ago, I gradually stopped wearing my retainers and my teeth naturally moved. Over the years, they have moved quite a lot and my lips and followed the way my teeth go (if that makes any sort of sense, I will share some pictures below). The more I was noticing that one side of my lips were smaller than the other, the more and more it bothered me. I started thinking about getting fillers in September 2019 but I knew it wasn't just a quick decision. My lips weren't "small" so I felt silly complaining about something that didn't seem a problem to other people.

I went for a consultation with a nurse who could straight away point out what my insecurity was but as I wasn't 100% at the time, she sent me away and asked me to property think about it before committing. I'm glad she did that, just in case I regretted it.

Just so you have an idea, this is what my lips looked like in June 2019 (left) and November 2019 (right). You may not be able to notice it but the right side of my top lip is a lot smaller than the other side.

So, after thinking about it for months, I decided to go ahead with it and I had them done on the 27th February (I only remember the date as it was the day before my birthday and I couldn't drink alcohol the night before). I chose to have 0.5ml of Juvederm just to even out my lips. Looking back, I was probably overcharged for the amount that I actually had. The process only took about 10 minutes and the entire 0.5ml was definitely not used. I can only compare it to the most recent time that I've had them done where the nurse definitely used every last bit in the syringe. These were the results of the first lip filler I had:

It did start to dissolve and by June/July I knew that I wanted it topping up as you could see the smaller lip become more prominent. I did decide to go for a 0.5ml top up of Revolax. I know it is a temporary fix to something that will never be perfect but until I am financially in a position to get my teeth fixed, it makes me feel better so why not? These are the results of the top up about 5 days ago:

Is it worth the money?

Absolutely. If you are certain that you want it, then it is definitely worth the money. I won't go into how much I paid as different places have various charges but I don't regret it and for me, it is considerately a lot cheaper than getting my teeth fixed.

Are you embarrassed to admit that you have had filler?

Definitely not. A lot of people would probably say they didn't know I had filler until it was mentioned. Which is good because I wanted the natural look, I didn't really do it for volume.

The picture below is from the left was from July (a few weeks before having the top up) and the right is 2 days post top-up. I mean, I can tell a huge difference and it just evens out my lips - exactly what I wanted!

I hope this answers a lot of the questions but if you want to know anything else then please let me know!

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