Updated: Sep 1, 2019

I cannot believe me and my girlfriend have been living together for a year and a half. Where has the time gone?!

We first put the offer in on our house in November 2017 but we didn't get the keys and move in until January 2018. I don't quite think we were actually prepared for how stressful buying a house would be. We were (unfortunately) in a chain as the seller was buying from another, so we couldn't get the keys until they got theirs. I definitely think that was the most tedious part of the process, constantly waiting for the phone call to tell us that we could sign the contracts. We were just living out of boxes and I kind of had forgotten what I owned at that point. Anybody going through a house move can probably relate.

Our first night in the house was the most exciting and one of my favourite memories. It was January 23, 2018. We were so happy we received the call to tell us that we could collect the keys and obviously we wanted to stay there on the first night. At this point, we didn't have much to bring with us, so we were making trips in the car to move our stuff in. Luckily, we were given a hamper full of house essentials. It was full of cleaning products, cupboard necessities (tinned food, tea, coffee... that sort of thing) and a HUGE TUB OF BISCUITS, which probably only lasted us 3 days. We had gone from living in Lauren's room to having a huge two-bedroom house, so it was pretty overwhelming. To this day, we are still adding touches to make it 'our own'. This won't be our forever home but it is and always will be special to us.

Buying a house for the first time has definitely taught me a lot of things. The sellers were still living in the house when we viewed it and seeing the house being lived in made us want it more. We put in an offer after the first and only time of seeing it. I don't regret doing that, as our house is lovely, but I certainly wish we had viewed the house when it was empty. There were a lot of things that needed fixing or changing. Not huge things but things we could have done without. My advice to anyone looking for their first house - don't rush it and definitely look around a few before making that decision!

If you know of any home blogs/pages, let me know as I would love to check them out (I'm always looking for inspo)!

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