Styling 1 Dress 5 Ways

I have seen so many posts on Instagram of people doing their weekly supermarket shop and picking up some gems in the clothing sales. So, during my food shop at Asda I had a little wonder around the clothing bit (as you do) and found a gorgeous, floral mesh dress for just £8! Anyone that knows me will know that I absolutely loooove a bargain.



This looks so lovely pieced with a belt to bring you in at the waist. I usually wear a 12/14 depending on the length and I picked this up in the (last!) 14 and glad I did. It is a bit shorter than I would have liked, I'm 5'7 and it just covers my bum.

It actually had a plain black cami dress attached underneath so, I cut it out and have pieced together a '1 dress 5 ways look book', I loooooove versatile fashion. I will drop any links to the clothes below.

A blogger on IG started a #ShopMyOwnWardrobe tag which has got people creating looks with their own clothes instead of buying new ones! It has been fun creating some looks with clothes I completely forgot I had! Yes, I have been online shopping a bit more than I should have, but all the bits I have bought can be worn when I (eventually) go back to work. Anyway, I'm going to show you the outfits I pieced together using this black dress!


Denim jacket: from Topshop and has been discontinued but lots of similar ones on there!

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I love skirts and practically live in them. A year ago you'd never catch me in one but I've grown to love them sooo much. So easy to dress up or dress down and they're so flattering. I'd much prefer wearing skirts to jeans and they're perfect for the warmer months coming.

This denim jacket was actually bought on Depop but was originally from Topshop. I love Depop as you can find some real bargains on there and I have no shame in recycling clothes where you can.

Shirt: Unknown brand

Now this is my favourite outfit out of the 5.I bought this vintage shirt from eBay for less than a tenner! When I say I'm a bargain hunter, I really mean it, aha! It's a men's large so I can wear it oversized and I think it looks so good with the black dress. This is another one that could be easily dressed up and down with some chunky boots or some trainers! It's so hard to find shirts like this these days so I'm so glad I nabbed it on eBay.


Everybody is living for lounge/casual wear at the moment, obvs because we have no where to go, and I for one am loving it. I wasn't too sure on the sizing at Daisy Street so I sized up in these and I'm not gonna lie, they are massive on me and not the most flattering but they're sooooo comfy. They were being discontinued so I just kept them instead of sending back. They were super cheap too so, they're ok to be lounging around the house in!

Blazer: F&F at Tesco (no longer available online)

I love this combo, so simple but so nice. I would probably wear this to work with some tights as it is that 'smart casual' vibe. This would also look nice with some chunky boots and a leather backpack. I seem to have gone on about a few thrifted bits in this post but this blazer was actually £4 in my local charity shop!! It is a size 16 but it's quite small fitting. It was something I couldn't not get as its just a nice must-have for a wardrobe!

I had some fun getting creative and shopping my own wardrobe, digging out some hidden treasures! You can find more of these looks/posts over on my gram - Use #JodieStyleShare when creating your own looks and I will be sharing my faves!

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