Let's chat about feet!

I hate admitting it but... I have never really looked after my feet. Before you think I'm gross, I maintain them, I just do not look after my feet as much as I probably should. I think it is because I hate feet, whether it be my own or somebody else's. You never really wonder how important it is to actually give your feet some TLC. So, I thought this would be a good chance to have a little chat about feet! I was very kindly gifted* the exfoliating socks by Footner and I have been so excited to try them out! Although I have a relatively low active job compared to some others, I constantly feel like I am on my feet. All you need to do is put these little bags on your feet, chill out with a cuppa and rinse the liquid off after 60 minutes! For anybody who is like me, quite low maintenance, then this is perfect for you. They literally do all of the hard work without you needing to do it. I took it as an opportunity to relax with a nice white hot chocolate and to catch up on one my fave tv shows. At the moment, I am loving 'The Circle'. I am a sucker for shows like that (if you haven't seen it before then it is on 4od catch up at the moment!). There is quite a strong smell as soon as you open up the socks, but it didn't really bother me as you can wear normal socks over the top so you can't really smell it after that. The liquid contains Alpha Hydroxy acids, which is basically used soften the "glue" between the skin cells, allowing the natural process of peeling. After washing the solution off, my feet felt very weird however, it does say that you should see full results within around 7 days. You need to go through a 'peeling process' first in order to see maximum results. Whilst we are on the topic of feet, I would like to chat about these gorgeous trainers I received from Cucu Fashion. This brand is right on trend at the moment and their shop covers all kinds of footwear - from boots to sandals. These trainers retail at £24.99 which is super affordable, especially compared to those high-end brands out there. I am all for comfort and would prefer to be in a nice pair of trainers than heels ANY DAY. I am absolutely LIVING for prints at the moment and in any of my outfits you will probably find some sort of print. I love pairing trainers with culottes and think these would also look amazing with a pair of flared trousers. I am 100% taking these away with me to my Disneyland trip at the end of this month! Cucu Fashion have kindly given me a discount code for you all to use on any of the items on their site, so if you would like to save some extra cash then use 'JODIE10' at checkout. Jodie x *Although these products were gifted, these thoughts and opinions are my own.

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