Look After Your WooWoo

When it comes to looking after your lady area there are a lot of misconceptions about the dos and the don'ts. Sooooo I thought I would share some tips that I have learnt (and used) with the help of WooWoo. Defuzz: If you like to keep your hair, fine. If you don't like to keep your hair, also fine. I don't know about anybody else but shaving is the actual bane of my life but on the other hand I am petrified of getting waxed (sorry not sorry). However, I don't mind using hair removal cream. WooWoo's formula has been developed and tested to giver you the result that you want in just 3 minutes and the comfort of your own bathroom. It also comes with a handy applicator - no mess or faffing about! Tame It! RRP - £6.75 On the other hand, if you are a shaver, waxer or a spinner, you should alwaaays use a balm or lotion afterwards. Not only does this heal any sore areas but it protects your skin too. There is nothing worse than an itchy shaving rash or chaffing from the gym! The Saddle Sore! has all of the good stuff in to make sure your lady area is well looked after. Saddle Sore! RRP - £6.75 Keeping it clean: Now, you don't really need any of those crazy fem washes or soaps to actually keep yourself clean. Water alone can be fine. Soaps and shower gels can completely knock off your natural pH balance, so you need to be careful with what you are using around that area. This clever little thing is water based but is enriched with natural aloe vera that gently cleanses your skin leaving it super smooth and doesn't interfere with the good stuff down there! Pamper IT! RRP - £6.65 Freshen up: I'm not afraid to admit that I like to freshen up during the day, especially if I am running around at work, the gym or during my time of the month. There is nothing embarrassing about wanting to feel clean. These biodegradable (safe for the environment!!) wipes are ideal for freshening up on the go, cleaning your toys or any unexpected period surprises. They contain cranberry extract which known for its help in preventing UTI’s, as well as aloe vera. Two faves. Refresh It! RRP - £3.75 You can find all of WooWoos products over on their website www.woowoo.fun at Superdrug and Feelunique (these links are not affiliated I am just sharing the love. The products included in this blog have been gifted to keep my vajayjay happy and healthy). Head over to my Insta to see the full review post.

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